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Increasing the Size of Virtual Disk

  • VMware vCenter Converter. Although the main purpose of VMware Converter is to convert physical machines to virtual machines. You can use this tool to expand virtual disks easily.
  • Use VMWare Workstation directly and make the disk larger. Then, use the excellent Dell ExtPart Utility for Windows. Used to extend the size of partitions. Note that ExtPart is not 64-bit compatible.
  • XP_PRO_SP3.ISO (Windows XP Pro SP3 by Dell).
  • Use linked clones to quickly create replica images.
  • You can use the pre-built thoughtpolice VMWare images to save time.

Secure Wipe

  • To securely delete a drive, use Darik's Boot And Nuke. You can also use Acronis DriveCleanser (included with True Image).

Legacy Virtual Machines

In VMWare Player, I receive the following message when using the DSL image:

 Suspend is not supported with legacy virtual machines.
 Failed to suspend the virtual machine: Suspend is not supported.