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Installation Woes

  • I have an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard, and Ubuntu does not seem to recognize the SATA hard drive. This motherboard has both NVIDIA nForce 4 and Silicon Image 3114R RAID controllers. At first, it wasn't detecting any of my SATA drives, but this may have just been a bad drive or a strange connection issue. It's magically working now.
  • A old Linksys PCI wireless card that I had didn't work; it should probably just be thrown away. Ended up using the Buffalo WLI-UC-GN USB wireless instead, which worked out of the box.

Post-Installation Woes

  • Ubuntu Remote Desktop doesn't work. It will connect but the screen never changes.
  • Re-installing the latest NVIDIA driver from System Settings > Additional Drivers, and make it point to (version current).
  • Some other possible leads: VNC. How to get your screen to refresh with compiz enabled.