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This is a MUD client, and it works.


  • Aardvwolf MUD. Setting the prompt for this seems complicated. Perhaps I should use:
 prompt @[email protected][@w%h/%[email protected] %m/%Mmn %qqt %[email protected]]@w >
  • Similarly, for the battle prompt:
 bprompt @[email protected][@w(@r%[email protected]) %h/%[email protected] %m/%Mmn %qqt %[email protected]]@w >
  • For the The First Ascent mention, ask "staying alive" without any punctuation.
  • Dragon collaborators include Dragon Scientist, Dragon Politician, and Dragon Gladiator.
  • There's a Dragon Master, who says Dragon bridle!
  • Giant's Pet Store quest, with maps.
  • Help on Vidblain for blind users.
  • For Fort Terramire, say what's up doc? at the guard.