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For all the brain things in my head.


  • Great Clips
  • I have a Linksys WMP54G that I want to run on Windows 7. Is it a V1.0 card (as it has no version number listed next to the model number). The Windows XP driver causes the system to lock during boot. Instead, try installing Broadcom (Linksys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter WPC54G V3).
  • Cheating more when the spoils are split.
  • SDL. How?
  • Why do players quit playing?
  • NetHack and Angband. Useful because these are text-based, so they may be easier to interface with and modify.
  • How do I do DLL injection?
  • A Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhart.
  • Proactive enhancement, retroactive interference.
  • TiddlyWiki.

StarCraft Replay Editing

  • StarCraft replay files? How can I edit them?
  • Can BWChart do it? Can something else?

Really Scratchy

  • Media Equation p. 150. "While consumers may be able to understand that the cable company merely owns wires that connect houses to a central switch, they might question the quality of service when they use a cable box to make a phone call. Television sets are not specialized to make phone calls, regardless of the technical possibilities."
  • "A Russian soldier and an American soldier were standing in the middle of Berlin after the surrender of Germany. They struck up a conversation. The American says to the Russian, "In America, we have freedom of speech. I can call President Truman a bastard and nobody will arrest me". The Russian smiles and says, "In the Soviet Union we have freedom of speech too. I can also call President Truman a bastard and nobody will arrest me either".


  • There is a saying I once heard: When you earn a Bachelor of Science you think you know everything. When you earn a Master of Science you realize you don't know anything. And when you earn a Ph.D. you realize that nobody else knows anything either.
  • I think most people would be surprised to learn how much there is to understand about nature and how little we actually know.

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