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It is unfortunate that my research currently seems to have its hands in many different areas. The most difficult element of my PhD research has been narrowing these diverse interests into a narrowly-focused topic.

Game design is the act of deciding what a game should be. That's it. On the surface, it sounds too simple. -- Jesse Schell

Research Goals

Game Labs

For ideas and general inspiration, I like to poke around the games research community to see what they're up to; this section only gets updated on demand.

Citation and Reference Management Software

There are three major software products, all of which do nice things but in different capacities:

  • Zotero. I tried to like this and have used it for over a year, but apparently they will not (for many reasons) provide integrated PDF viewing and annotation.
  • Mendeley provides a comparison of these products. It has a Web Importer. It's not well advertised, but there is a 50 MB file size limit, which prevents some PDFs from being synchronized. Mendeley is what I'm using now.
  • Papers. I had a trial, but never actually had the opportunity to try it. Now it's expired. Oops.

Research Tools