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REBOL is quite possibly the most useless language ever made. After using this language consistently for two years, I recommend instead that you try Python or Ruby instead.

What's wrong with REBOL?

Why are there so many things wrong with REBOL?

  • REBOL 2 and REBOL 3 creates developer fragmentation. Python has this issue as well, though they actually have a real release. REBOL 3 is the equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever.
  • Poor documentation. Documentation is never kept up to date. It is inconsistent, and often wrong.
  • Fundamentally, the language is proprietary with no open source version. This is a big one. There is no reason to move to REBOL when comparable or better open source languages exist. It also is interesting to note that open source languages like Ruby and Python have grown immensely while REBOL has not. I believe this is a large part of why.
  • Limited library support and drivers for databases and other interfaces. The drivers that do exist are quite tacky.
  • Small developer base, though this is partly a chicken and egg type problem.