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  • North Carolina State University is located in Raleigh, NC. From here, there's all sorts of places that you can go.
  • VPN. You only need the site for the initial install. After that, you can directly open Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client and use with your Unity ID and password. There's a later version of the Cisco VPN Client than what NCSU provides called Secure Mobility Client, but you'll have to obtain that elsewhere.


Navigating the library resources can be challenging, although their search has improved considerably lately.

Degree Requirements




  • Insurance is complicated. Your insurance is provided through StudentBlue RA-TA, from BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina.
  • If you want to add dependents to your insurance, see rates. Fill out the Dependent Application, but first call (800) 579-8022 for a quote.
  • Mail your check to: Student Blue, PO Box 9565, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9565, found under Contact Information.

Google Apps

Google Apps at NC State

Neat trick: tbarik user lookup. Network status.


Preparing Future Leaders

Financial Aid

I have received the following financial aid:

  • Graduate Student Support Plan
  • Dean’s Fellowship


Downloading behind WRAP

To download behind WRAP authentication, you will need Wget.

 wget -e robots=off --recursive --load-cookies cookies.txt

For Google Chrome, you can obtain this file using the cookie.txt export extension. Firefox has a similar add-on. You can use wget directly to perform the creation of the cookie, but this seems far more complicated and unnecessary.

The robots=off option is needed because by default disallows robots.

Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus

It can be inconvenient to access library databases off-campus. When off-campus, these databases will require you to log in using your Unity ID, but in doing so you may be behind a proxy. This proxy interferes with software like Zotero and Mendeley. Instead, you can use a SOCKS proxy.

  • Setup PuTTY to connect to an on-campus server like Create an SSH tunnel with a source port of 80 and a destination having the IP address of the SSH server. Select Dynamic as the destination type.
  • Connect to this server.
  • In your browser settings, point the SOCKS proxy to localhost port 80.
  • Your requests will now appear as if you are on-campus.

Other Students

Since the Computer Science PhD directory no longer links to the student web sites, I've done so here for various students who I've interacted with at some point or another.