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Learning Management Systems

This is the first semester that I'm actually being forced to use Moodle. Oh no! Canvas LMS looks so much nicer, and not from the 90s.

You can use bFree to extract Blackboard content, if you actually backed up your Blackboard materials.


  • Moodle doesn't understand how to correctly escape characters.
  • When Moodle sends forum messages, it incorrectly re-produces them in text-only e-mails. For example C:\wamp simply becomes C:wamp because the backslash is silently discarded.

Importing Courses

I have an existing course and I want to copy the content for a new semester, what do I do?

Manual Grading

You may have manual grade items (for example, with grades that are computed from an outside system). This can be done simply by clicking Turn editing on at the top right of the screen when you're in your Grades.

Of course, it's so slow as to be unusable, so you should instead import CSV files when assigning grades.

Locking a Forum

How do I lock a discussion board to prevent people from posting any new posts? There is absolutely no way to lock a forum in Moodle unless the site administrator has enabled Override Permissions.


Importing ExamView questions into Moodle. A Moodle forum discussion about the issue.

  • Open ExamView Question Bank Editor.
  • Choose File > Export > Blackboard 6.0-7.0 and follow the instructions.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • When you are done extracting, you will have a file that looks similar to: res00000.dat. This is what you will be importing.
  • When importing the file into Moodle, use Blackboard (not Blackboard V6+).
  • Uncheck Get category from file.

If you want to filter questions, you'll have to delete them from the ExamView end. You can click on the category and hit delete rather than deleting each individual question!

SAM 2010

  • If you have problems, contact Cengage Technical Support. Standard process is to open a case; then you can do an online chat if it's urgent enough.
  • SAM 2010. Quirk: Try not to deactivate; this simply hides the entry, but a supervisor account actually has to delete it. You won't be able to get the item back, and you won't be able to create a new item with the same name until then.
  • Student submission has been permanently stuck state: Your assignment submission is currently pending. Please try again after a while. Resolution currently unknown.
  • How do I change my account information? Please note that if you change your first or last name, your start files will not work. If you need to make name changes, make sure that this done before you create any assignments.


  • Moodle does not allow enabling a Topic on a certain date. You have to do this manually.

SAM 2010 Reports

  • First set the report type. If you don't change this first, you'll end up having to enter everything again.
  • Section Results - by Section, is probably the report that you actually want. But it doesn't just list the highest score, it lists all of them. So you need to change For Multiple Results, Show: to Highest Result.
  • It's nice to sort by name, but it isn't necessary.
  • Export this as a CSV (not Excel) to remove the superfluous formatting.