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(You should also be able to find this page with just Wiki.)

See which extensions Wikipedia has installed. Also see the manual of Running MediaWiki on FreeBSD.

The default administrator name is WikiSysop (the password for this is actually requested during installation, but I have no idea where this is actually documented in the MediaWiki manual).

Syntax Highlighting

  • Extensions support in MediaWiki is buggy and sorely lacking.
  • Syntax highlighting is performed through the SyntaxHighlight GeSHi extension. I had to use Method 2, manual downloading, since the already bundled method was non-functional. This extension uses the Generic Syntax Highlighter.
  • Edit MediaWiki:Geshi.css. You will get a Protected Interface issue if you don't login as an Administrator (Barik is not). To adjust dynamic CSS parameters, you need to edit geshi.php directly.
  • The fonts are tiny in Google Chrome. You can see why here. Bugzilla:27502. The file that you need to edit to apply this fix is /skins/monobook/main.css. Under code add and pre add font-family: monospace, "Courier New" !important;


This requires the OCaml port lang/ocaml-nox11. Then Enable TeX. Note that on FreeBSD you should use gmake instead of make to compile.

Starting with MediaWiki 1.8, the $wgUseTeX for math has been superseded by the Math extension (r85706). Previously, this mode was in the core MediaWiki and preceded the extension system, and this has presumably been fixed (or broken, depending on your perspective). Also see Math syntax under MediaWiki.

  • Math Extension. Don't forget that you will also need to compile texvc and add $wgTexvc to LocalSettings.php. For me, this is $wgTexvc = "$IP/extensions/Math/math/texvc";
  • In CentOS 6, it looks like the tetex package is gone; it's been replaced with texlive-latex. I can't seem to find any changelog announcements about this though.

To test, see Mathematics.


The directory called extensions should be a good start!


  • MediaWiki themes are located under /skins.