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Titus is hacking away at the computer (2004!).

Welcome to my laboratory! This is the encyclopedia of me. This page belongs to Titus Barik (that's me, obviously).

As of August 2017, I live in Redmond, Washington. I'm currently a Researcher at Microsoft, working at the intersection of programming languages and human-computer interaction. I am a licensed Professional Engineer (GA).

I created this site as a repository for ideas that I stumble upon on a daily basis. I also needed an easier way to render mathematics. Most of these pages are just stubs. If you want something more organized, visit my blog instead. When content here becomes publishable, it is also moved to the blog.

Pinboard. Trello. @barik. Scratch. PGP Public Key.

See a list of my Publications, or my Teaching Portfolio.

PhD Research

Other useful North Carolina State University information.

Personal Projects

11th grade.png

Projects and goals in various states of completion:


  • Archive of old pages that have some purpose but haven't made any effort to categorize.
  • Scratch.
  • Impulse Buys. But I find that if I put it here I don't actually buy it.