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  • The web site is here. Model 4239-CTO. R9-EHNKK.
  • Hard Drive Bay Adapter, 43N3412, but it doesn't actually fit the T520! You need one for the 12.7 mm gap.
  • I have a T520. Under Network adapters, it is claimed that I have a 1x1 11b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter, though because it's 1x1 I can't ever see Wireless N networks. Lesson learned.
  • Do not under any circumstances install the ThinkVantage Access Connections. It's worthless.

Power Management

I have a Lenovo T520. I would like it to wake up from sleep/hibernate when using an external wireless USB keyboard (in this case, a Logitech K270). The operating system is Windows 7.

  • The rear USB connector is an "Always On USB connector", as specified in the Lenovo User Guide. The other ports are not. The port is specially marked in a yellow color.
  • May want to try the MCE Standby Tool, at least to diagnose the issue. Windows 7 is not officially supported.