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Operating Systems Security


Project Ideas

Industrial control and security. Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Information Security.

  • Text classification.
  • Reducing False Alarms, grouping alarms for root causes.
  • Incorrect protocol use.
  • Costs.
  • Training systems.

PLC Security

VCL Notes

  • Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4 Base (image)" or "Xinu (CSC501)". Some people mess with these images. Do all individuals have re-install rights? ASLR.
  • Output assembly: gcc -S -o example1.s example1.c
  • Use -g if you want debugging symbols.
  • On older kernels: /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.exec-shield=0; /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.exec-shield-randomize=0
  • On newer kernels (2.6): /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.exec-shield=0; /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.randomize_va_space=0
  • Described in brk-fix-2.patch.
  • /sbin/sysctl allows you modify kernel parameters at runtime.


gdb seems to have a serious issue aligning what people actually want to do with it, versus what most tutorials seem interested in describing.

Working with Environment Variables

  • Use show env to show all environment variables.
  • To set: set env
  • To clear all: unset env
  • environ is located at

0xbfffff00 and points to 0xbfffffc3.

  • The EGG is at 0xbfffffcb.
  • Core dump at: 0xbffffa40.

Kernel Exploit


  • The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage by Cliff Stoll
  • Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition by John Erickson
  • The IDA Pro Book: The Unofficial Guide to the World's Most Popular Disassembler by Chris Eagle
  • Computer and Information Security Handbook by John Vacca
  • Introduction to Computer Security by Michael Goodrich