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I can periodically update items that I need/want until they fall in into an affordable price range. The hobbyist has been driven out of me so I don't enjoy building my own machines much anymore.

  • ASUS RT-N12, has Wireless-N support and DD-WRT works on it.
  • Need 8 GB of memory, especially with the extensive VMWare use.
  • Logitech wireless mouse, unifying product. M510 is the full-sized mouse, while M505 is the compact.
  • SSD drives. Needs to be affordable at least at the 300 GB price point before I would use them.
  • A good discrete math book. Currently eyeing Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Epp but it's more than $200.

Software Purchases

I've actually bought a few pieces of software in my life for personal use, believe it or not:

  • Acronis True Image Home. Still use this, but is now of limited value since cloud backups are easier.
  • CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Haven't used this software in years though, with digital media everywhere.
  • Game Maker, which I bought just to teach game design. Free upgrade to 8.1 from version 8.0.
  • mIRC, because the license is lifetime.
  • WinRAR, because the license is lifetime.
  • Newsleecher, although its cost structure has gotten annoying.
  • FeedDemon, mainly because I find ads to be annoying, and because I waste too much time without it manually checking sites. This forces me to throttle down. It's now free.
  • Trillian Pro. I tried all the open source alternatives and they just didn't do what I needed them to.
  • Oxygen XML Editor, which I no longer use. Helped me to easily pass Electronic Commerce at NC State.
  • Random games from Steam.