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It's me, Mario!

Video Games and Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft Research. IRB at NCSU for human subject studies. Quick access to Google Forms. A more generalized page on Artificial Intelligence as a whole.

The big question in AI Game-Playing Techniques: Are They Useful for Anything Other Than Games?. Too much of AI is focused on normative decision theory.

Machine Learning

Strategy Games, with Interfaces

This area needs to be explored much further for applicability. The difficult question right now is the selection of the engine to develop for.

StarCraft has become important enough to get its own page.

Recent Games

  • Machinarium shows us that it is possible to write creative games using Flash.
  • The IDA Pro Book by Chris Eagle. Most modern games are commercial, as well as closed source. Unfortunately, that requires reverse engineering to build interface layers to the code. There are book examples for each chapter.
  • Empire and State

Research Games

Is this game engine still around? Doesn't appear to be.

Classic Games and Game Theory

  • Game Theory gets its own section too now.
  • DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS. Obviously, useful for playing old DOS games, particularly since many operating systems are now 64-bit.
  • The Interactive Fiction Archive
  • Zork by Infocom. For Zork, you can use Frotz to play the .dat file directly in Windows. You can also play the file using Gargoyle, if you rename the extension to z3. If you don't rename the file, then Gargoyle will return with "not an adventure data file". The ZORK1.DAT file is identified by the file command as ZORK1.DAT: Infocom game data (Z-machine 3, Release 88 / Serial 840726). You can see the Z-Machine Wikipedia entry for information on this (now) non-standard file extension.
  • If you're really itching for more details, see the The Z-Machine Standards Document.
  • Infocom manuals, such as the Zork Manual.
  • Maps for Zork 1 and 2.
  • Infocom Trinity.
  • Parchment is a web interactive fiction interpreter powered by the Gnusto and Quixe engines.
  • Adam Cadre interactive fiction works. Try Photopia (review) for something non-traditional (and utilizing color). Solution to Photopia, but only after playing the game. Another review by Necessary Games.
  • Build your own interactive fiction games with Inform 7.
  • Many interactive fiction games have mazes. Some people love these; I hate them and find mazes to be an annoying distraction. You can use GUEmap to try to draw them out. This utility hasn't been updated in a while though.

Hunt the Wumpus

  • Hunt the Wumpus for Windows. A Windows implementation of the classic mainframe game that requires VBRUN100.dll.
  • Dream Codex Java implementation which can be played within the browser or downloaded.


  • PrBoom Plus. Doesn't come with any of the WAD files, but you can use the Doom shareware WAD file as a starting point. Requires the Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) for compilation. After extracting SDL, take a look at the included VisualC.html document.
  • You will also need SDL_net , SDL_mixer, and SDL_image.
  • You can add SDL on a per project basis, but the document recommends setting this globally in Tools|Options|Projects|VC++ Directories instead. Do this for Include files (using Show directories for) and again for Library files.
  • Do I #include <SDL.h> or <SDL/SDL.h>? With SDL, you should use #include "SDL.h" instead of the angle brackets, but I'm not really sure why. Maybe I'm a little sure.
  • There are some other DLLs that are needed to run PrBoom (though not to compile). They are MikMod, PortMidi, and Fluidsynth. You can steal these DLLs from the pre-compiled Windows binary distribution.

Other Unbinned


Game Prototyping

Sprite Libraries


  • Games have been a scientific metaphor for a much wider range of human interactions in which the outcomes depend on the interactive strategies of two or more persons, who have opposed or at best mixed motives. (McCain, Game Theory)

Data Sharing

On the immense problems of doing research with one hand tied (not having sample data):

Game Bots