Faculty Greetings Project

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See the CSC 600 Fall 2010 Schedule. The objective is to meet every faculty in the Computer Science department.

List of faculty and staff at NC State:

  • Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill. Met on 9/24/2010. Discussed refactoring in dynamic languages and why it is difficult. Dr. Murphy-Hill countered with Smalltalk as an example of a dynamic language; I'm not sure its refactoring capabilities would be acceptable today.
  • Dr. Kemafor Ogan. Met on Wednesday, October 6. Discussed database projects, a potential extra credit project for all students in databases, midterm scores, and her class next semester on Database Management (CSC 742).
  • Dr. David Roberts. Met on Friday, October 22, 2010. E-mail sent on Saturday, October 23, 2010 concerning WebWork and LambdaMOO.
  • Dr. Michael Young. Met on Wednesday, December 1. Discussed Interactive Narrative course which I took by distance.