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CSC 791, Software Engineering as a Human Activity by Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill. Requires spending a lot of time in Eclipse.


Look, it's a presentation!

Tasty Cupcakes

On the Difficulty of Replicating Human Subjects Studies in Software Engineering

Stench Blossom

  • Tools (see limitations, such as Eclipse Europa 3.3). Possibly attempt to modernize to latest build, such as Helios.
  • TeXlipse, and making sure it installs on older builds.

Stench Blossom Installation

You really have should made better notes on this before! All of the archives are now in the csc791 folder.

  • The project uses Eclipse, but only works with Eclipse Europa. You will want the RCP download, which allows you to do plug-in development.
  • Your source for Stench Blossom is located in When extracted, this will create a folder called blossom. This is the last archive that was checked into SVN.
  • Use File > Import, to import the project. Select an import source of General, followed by Existing Projects into Workspace.
  • Things won't compile at this stage, because TeXlipse is missing. Follow the instructions for TeXlipse Installation. For Stench Blossom, we used TeXlipse 1.4.1. If you have any time at all, you might try the later TeXlipse 1.5 to see if it works; beware of API changes though.
  • Now we need to create an Eclipse Application (to run our plug-in source). To do this, go to Run > Open Run Dialog. Then, right-click on Eclipse Application and select New. It will create a configuration called New_configuration, whose workspace points to runtime-New_configuration.
  • You have this folder as Extract it before running the configuration. This contains the HelloLateX project.
  • You might get Resource is out of sync with the file system issues. That's okay -- just refresh the project.